Tuesday, December 20, 2022

FB Reel 20221220: Tax Advice #1 - Change Your Address with the IRS

This is the first of three super easy and simple pieces of Tax Advice that save you an enormous amount of potential trouble with very little effort. If people followed these three pieces of advice, they would eliminate about 75% of the issues I deal with outside of tax season.

This one is easy: Change your address with the IRS when you move. If the IRS thinks your tax return is wrong, they send a letter telling you what they think is wrong and giving you a chance to fix it or argue it. If you ignore the letter (which they hate) they send another where you are no longer arguing and they just want money. Ignore that one, and they start sending more threatening letters and start talking about liens and going after your paycheck or bank account. If they have the wrong address, you might as well be ignoring them. 

Filing a tax return changes your address automatically, so if you move just before filing, you are already okay. If you file just before moving, feel free to use the new address on your return. Otherwise, go to HERE and fill out Form 8822.

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