Saturday, October 22, 2022

Quick Book Update

Quick administration note - if you were wondering about the China post that is now deleted...that was supposed to be posted on one of my other blogs:

Of course, as soon as I publish the IRS releases new instructions for Form 1040 that change a few things:

The Qualifying Widower filing status is now called Qualifying Surviving Spouse

Cryptocurrency and NFT's etc are now referred to as Digital Assets

The question on the front of the 1040 about owning crypto (digital assets) has been changed such that you only need to answer yes if you had potentially reportable transactions vice simply owning some bitcoin.

Errors in the book:

Looks like I spelled COVID wrong a few times. Missed the I and wrote COVD.

The number $4400, which is used for the Gross income Test for dependency and a few other things is EVERYWHERE in the book. Seems I missed changing one or two from $4300 to $4400, but context should ensure readers catch this.

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