Monday, November 29, 2021

Everyday Tax Advice - The Best Tax Book No One Is Buying!

It's here!!! 

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The new and improved, same great book, new title of the best tax book that nobody buys!

Wouldn't it be nice not to have to read an entire book full of complicated rules and laws when you have a tax question?

Wouldn't it be nice to have simple, easy to understand, and actionable tax advice?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to check the tax implications of common life events such as college, home purchase or sale, having a child, marriage etc. BEFORE it is too late to change the tax effects?

This is the book for you!

In the first eight chapters you will find good old fashioned advice and education that is applicable to everyone.
In chapters 9 through 81 you will find information based on specific life or tax events.
Chapters 82 through 86 summarize the most recent changes for 2020, 2021, proposed changes for 2022, and the older Trump/GOP Tax Law.
Also includes 3 appendices with worksheets and a sample letter to the IRS.
Most chapters open with information applicable to the most common family and work situations and then delve into the nitty-gritty details. They then give advice considered most important by the author and close with information specific for military.

A selection of chapter titles from the book:

I Owe Taxes and Can't Pay
I Want to Lower my Taxes
I Can't File by April 15th
I am Getting Married
I am Having (or Already Have) a Child
My Kid's Getting a Job
My Child Had (or is Having) a Child
My Child is Getting Married
I am Getting Divorced (or Already am)
I am Buying (or Already Own) a Home
I Have Medical Expenses
I Have a High Deductible Health Plan and/or HSA
I am Donating to Charity
I am Supporting my Parents
I am Supporting a Minor Who is Not My Child
Someone Claimed my Child!
My Tax Return Got Rejected by the IRS!
I (or my Spouse or Child) am Going to College
I Work Overseas
I Lost my Job
I Had to Move
I Sold my Home
I Sold my Rental Property
I Sold a Home that Wasn't my Primary Residence
I Get Tips at Work
I Have Investments Outside of Work
I Have (or Want to Have) Tax Sheltered Investments (IRA's)
I Want to Take Money out of my IRA or 401k
I Had Debt Written Off by the Company I Owe Money To
I Lost my House (Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy)
I am Retired (or Thinking about it)
I am Receiving Social Security (or Thinking about It)
I am Receiving an Annuity or Pension
I am Paying on Student Loans
I am Changing Jobs
I Sell Amway, Mary Kay, etc.
I’m an Independent Contractor or I Got a Form 1099-NEC
I Drive for UBER (or other cab like business)
I am (or will be) a Real Estate Agent
I am Renting out my Former Home
The IRS Called and is Threatening Me!
I Got a Letter from the IRS
The 2020 Chapter: What Should I be Double Checking?
The 2021 Chapter: The Big Changes!
The 2022 Chapter: A Brief Discussion of Proposals and Rumors

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