Saturday, April 4, 2020

The BIG Coronavirus Link Post

Just a bunch of tax and non-tax information for those interested. Check back for additional information as I add it:

SuperTaxGenius Master Index (with a Section on the Virus)

Taxes and Stimulus Payments: Coronavirus Page Stimulus (Economic Impact Payment) Page
H&R Block's Stimulus Calculator
Treasury Page for Social security recipients about Stimulus Checks
Slideshow with Information About Sick Leave and Medical Leave Changes
Forbes FAQ on Stimulus Checks
Forbes on Stimulus Scams

Business and Economic Information:

Treasury's Comprehensive Page on Coronavirus Programs
Small Business Administrations Coronavirus Page with Loan Resources
South Carolina SBA and Home Mortgage Broker I Trust

Education and General Information:

Full Text of CARES Act (the big stimulus bill)
Veteran's Administration Coronavirus FAQ's
Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus Page
Trillium Ayurveda Spring Emergency Kits
How Stuff Works Coronavirus Education
WebMD Coronavirus Page

The NERD Section (Thanks to Anthony Crego for much of this):

COVID-19 Projections Website
The Hammer and the Dance
Taiwan and COVID-19 Response
Five Thirty Eight Weighs in on Testing


The Hill thinks making people who don't normally have to file a tax return file one to get a stimulus check is a bad idea. I'm waiting to see what the "simple" return process is: The Hill's Blog Post about Needless tax Filing to get Checks

AOC thinks young people should file independently to get their stimulus check. I think this is a BAD idea without first checking with a tax professional and their parents. You can't just DECIDE you are independent and the cost may be worse than the benefit. But she's right that there is a donut hole here:

The New York Times loves deficit spending:, Reason hates it, of course:

In the, "Things Everybody Already Knew" category, China lied about the extent of the virus and hundreds of thousands of people are going to die that didn't need to because of it. See also: No one will hold them accountable:

More on China:

Ronald Bailey is a regular with fighting panic:

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