Friday, April 26, 2019

The IRS Needs Color Codes for their Envelopes

I'm an Enrolled Agent.

I could tell by the thickness of the letter that it wasn't a big deal.

I knew my taxes were completely defensible.

I still couldn't help the moment of panic that comes from getting a letter from the IRS.

Letters like this should come in green envelopes. Maybe orange for CP2000 letters (the ones that suggest changes) and red for payment demands.

Seriously...I'll bet people have had heart attacks as a result of these letters.

At least they don't have the payment voucher on the bottom of all of them like they used to.

Of course, I still can't figure out how to rotate the picture once I inserted it...or I'm too lazy...


  1. I got one last year after an amendment .I panicked when I saw the envelope. But once opened, it basically said my amendment was approved and they found another 1000 dollars they were refunding me.


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