Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Have a Blog and I Want to Bitch!

This post has nothing to do with taxes, except for the obligatory plea that you buy my tax book: Everyday Taxes.

This blog post is just because I'm frustrated.  You see, Kari and I love online shopping.  We love Amazon, and we're on Facebook a lot.  Christmas has always been a problem because we buy so much from Amazon, and then the emails start appearing in Outlook from all our accounts.  So every purchase we make for each other appears on an email.  This has messed us up in the past, but we've worked out how to hide the purchases from each other.  No big deal.

So today, I'm on Facebook, correcting someone for being wrong, as is my duty...

Duty Calls

And I notice an advertisement in the right hand column.  It's for a really cool book that I really would be interested in buying.  Then I thought, heeeeeyyy, yesterday when I was searching for freezers I started seeing ads for freezers on Facebook.  So I call my wife over and just point at the screen.

The profusion of profanity that spewed forth told me all I needed to know about why the ad was there.

If we can't have secrets from Facebook, how can we have secrets from each other!  Guess we'll just get Amazon gift cards from now on.


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  1. So my bitch is why can I buy your book cheeper from a UK store then I can from even Amazon and not have problem shipping it to Alaska.

    Oh yea welcome to the world where everyone know what they think you need. Being a Amsoil dealer I constantly get ads for Amsoil since I have to spend so much time on the site. Just gave up caring.

    Oh and you could just both get a Facebook account. Then you can look at ads for what you just bought and see it was cheeper from the UK.

    1. Re-sellers already have it for $9.09, but shipping is expensive. They actually had it for sale before I had even received my proof copies.

  2. Amazon magic controls pricing. I set price at $12.99 and Amazon magic decided $11.24 for prime. UK prices are a complete mystery.

  3. so what is the name of this REALLY COOL BOOK that you are totally not getting for christmas?


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