Friday, October 4, 2013

Government Shutdown and the IRS

So the government is shutdown, but you have tax issues to deal with the IRS about.  What should you do?  The IRS has issued information on that very topic, and I have provided a link below.

My summary:
  • Continue filing tax returns, electronically and on paper that you are required to (specifically the 10/15 extended deadline still applies)
  • Continue making any required tax payments and estimated payments
  • Tax returns may not be processed, but will be considered timely filed under the usual rules (e-filing will likely get a return processed, but no refund issued)
  • Refunds will not be paid until a CR authorizes it
  • Transcripts through the automated process are still available
  • 3rd parties can't get copies of your transcript (this may cause problems if you are applying for a mortgage)
  • Automated phone systems are operating
  • IRS website is operating but may not have all functions available
  • IRS representatives may not be available in person or over the phone
 The IRS information is HERE

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