Monday, April 30, 2012

Tax Season is Over!

I have been enjoying the end of tax season and taking a few breaths.  Off-season does not mean the end of this blog, or even a temporary hiatus.  The posts will slow down, but they will keep coming.  Summer posts will be more detailed and informative.

As a teaser, I am working on two new posts:  One, inspired by a Kiplinger's article will go into detail about how Wash Sale rules do not apply to gains, so some people can use this, plus the current tax rates on Capital Gains, to create a temporary loophole that could allow them to sell and then re-buy the same stock, pay no taxes on the sale, and increase their basis so they NEVER pay tax on that gain.  I want to go into significant detail to help people figure out if this could work for them.  Two:  I am researching an article on the Boomer Deduction's history, legal basis and analysis of what I consider an overly aggressive position, an unaggressive position, and my position - an aggressive, but fully defensible position - as well as some unanswered questions about it...

Keep your eyes out!

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