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2014 Boomer Deduction Instructions for H&R Block at Home (store bought or downloaded)

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These are specific instructions for entering information from the Boomer Deduction Worksheet into H&R Block's at home tax preparation that you would purchase in a store and install on your computer.  I used the Deluxe version linked below.


This is NOT an endorsement of H&R Block!  I also make no promises about the accuracy or reliability of the information presented, it is for assistance and education ONLY.  You MUST do your own due diligence to ensure your taxes are right.  I feel that the assistance of a trained professional is critical in preparing taxes for military members.  Feel free to contact me for questions at  Realize still that even if I answer your questions, I make no promises and bear no liability for the accuracy of the answers.  The only way I take ANY liability is if you see me to prepare your taxes in my professional capacity under my employer for whom I work as a tax professional.  Making a donation to this site (which I encourage and appreciate if you make extra money from the massive amount of work and expense this takes) does not constitute paying me for my advice.

Glad that's over!

General Instructions:

  • Make sure you fill out the 2014 Boomer Deduction Worksheet, found HERE, first.
  • The information and answers to various questions apply to the Boomer Deduction only.  It is possible that some yes's or no's may be different for you if you have complementing or overlapping situations.
  • I don't write everything from each page, but I generally start at the top of the page.  Sometimes the page title will use information, such as your name or your car make, so mine won't match.  If the page title is long, I may discontinue with a ... but you should be able to tell where I am.
  • Generally, when finished entering information on a page you click the "Next" button.  I won't always tell you to do that.
  • I'll indicate new pages on their site by separating information with three asterisks - ***
  • I'll indicate that you should be entering something or clicking a button by using the # sign
Page Instructions:

After logging in and creating an account, you will enter personal information (use "2 Crew FBM Submariner" for occupation), as well as information from your W-2's and other documents, advancing using the continue buttons.  Eventually you will get to the Deductions Section.

# Check "Job related expenses" box
Job Related Expenses
# Click the plus sign next to "Add Job"
Job Related Expenses
# In the "Occupation" box, enter "Two Crew FBM Submariner
Do Any Special Situations Apply
# Click "None of the Above"
Job Expense Assistant
# Click the "Quick Entry" button
Enter Your Job Related Expenses
# In the "Overnight Travel" box, enter the total of Lines K and L from the Boomer Deduction Worksheet
# In the "Meals and Entertainment" box, enter the amount from Line M from the Boomer Deduction Worksheet
Were You Reimbursed
# Click No
Department of Transportation Limits
# Click No
Job Related Expense Summary
# Click Next
Work Related Home Office
# Click Finished
 Vehicles Used in Employment
# Click the plus sign next to "Add Vehicle"
Tell Us About This Vehicle
# Enter your vehicles Make and Model
# Enter the Date you first used the vehicle for business
# Enter the number of months you were on off-crew or refit assist in 2013 (round up)
Owned, Leased or Provided
# Check Own or Lease as applicable
Check Any that Apply
# Check any that apply
Your Vehicle Mileage
# Enter total mileage driven during the year for ANY purpose (12/31 odometer - 1/1 odometer)
# In "Miles Driven for Business" box, enter value from Line (N) of your Boomer Deduction Worksheet
# Enter commuting miles from days not in Off Crew or Refit Assist
(Commuting plus business miles should be less than total miles)
# Enter daily round trip commute mileage
Reporting Your Expenses
# Click "Next"
Standard Mileage in First Year
# Check Yes
(you will only get this page if your vehicle was put in service in 2012 or before.  This page and the next have a similar title so don't be surprised if it confuses you.  Just be sure to check the Standard Mileage Rate box on any pages that ask for it.)
Choose Your Vehicle Reporting Method
# Check the Standard Mileage box
Tell Us Your Out of Pocket Vehicle Expenses
# Click "Next"
Your Vehicle Additional Information
# Check the 2nd box if your household has more than one vehicle
# Check the other three boxes
Your Standard Mileage Deduction
# Click "Next"
Watch your refund change and see how much I have helped you!  You can thank me later :)
If you drove more than one vehicle for this deduction you would now add another vehicle and repeat the process.  Make sure to divide the business miles between the vehicles if this is the case.

That's it!  Hopefully this worked for you.  Feel free to ask any questions at  I will try to answer quickly but I do get busy during tax time, so don't feel slighted if it takes a while.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments, that way we can help everyone.  Please share with your fellow Boomer Sailors!  If you want me to do your taxes, I can do them via mail or email with no payment until you are satisfied and with secure online review and approval.  I will also check tax returns for free, and, if I find errors, I will tell you the difference and offer to fix for a price (if I check and find no errors I back it up with my companies standard guarantee.)  I encourage you to take advantage of that, I have seen some bad things on Military Tax Returns (I am a retired submarine Master Chief BTW.)

These posts have more info on the Boomer Deduction, with links to references.  If you do your taxes yourself, make sure to do your due diligence.

Please DONATE - this was a pain!  And I still have to buy and test the Turbo Tax home software!

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  1. Some have pointed out that BAH and BAS can be considered reimbursement. I'm on the fence on this. If you want to include it, here's how I would do it:

    Take BAS and divide by 30 and multiply by (I) from the Boomer Worksheet. Note the smaller of this and (M) from the worksheet. We'll call this (O)

    Take BAH and divide by 30 then by (H) from the worksheet then multiply by (I) from the worksheet. Note the smaller of this number and (K) from the worksheet. We'll call this (P)

    Reimbursements are (O) + (P)

    You would answer "Yes" to were you reimbursed and include this number as reimbursement.


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